Fun Things To Do In Hong Kong

Monday: Salsa Dance Classes at Rula Bula


Best for: Singles Night

Don’t let Monday Blues get you down. Once you’re done with work, grab a pair of shoes you can dance in and head on over to Rula Bula in Lan Kwai Fong to take a FREE beginner’s dance class hosted by Dance With Style.

Doors open at 8pm, and the salsa class begins at 8:30. After the lesson ends, everyone is encouraged to practice what they’ve learned on the dance floor. 

“After Work Salsa Party” claims to be Hong Kong’s “BIGGEST, BADDEST AND MOST ATTENDED SALSA DANCE PARTY” and currently holds the title for the LONGEST RUNNING SALSA PARTY in Hong Kong.

Learn more about the next salsa party here: 

Tuesday: Pub Quiz at Trafalgar


Best for: Team Building

Trafalgar on Lockhart Road hosts weekly Pub Quiz nights ideally for people with advanced knowledge on a range of topics like current events, politics, history, geography, literature, and music. But what they get instead are teams of people with random information that would only ever be useful on a Pub Quiz.


So grab a friend (or 5, as each team can have as many as 6 people), and put your heads together to answer 10 questions on 6 topics that change every night. Laura, the Quiz Master, does a great job of using things that are relevant to us today as answers in some of the questions.


The event starts at 8pm and ends roughly at 10:30pm. You can order a pint of beer, some sliders, and even sit outside the terrace and enjoy a shisha with your friends and colleagues. And don’t forget to make up a team name! My favorites have been Quizy McQuizface and Quiztina Aguilera.

See you next Tuesday:

Wednesday: Live Jazz Nights at Salon 10

Best for: Date Night

Salon 10 on Arbuthnot Road has the perfect atmosphere for jazz. Fortunately, they hold weekly Wednesday Jazz Nights for enthusiasts and novice fans. Climb up past LKF after a long hump day and take it easy with smooth and sultry sounds by various jazz bands in Hong Kong.


For an $80 cover charge, you can enjoy live music for about 3 hours (9pm-12am). Try not to get too entranced by the vintage interior design and Art Deco-style ambiance of Salon 10, which makes the whole experience even more captivating.

Find out what their next jazz event will be like:

Thursday: Art Jamming at Musé Garden


Best for: A Quiet Evening with Friends

Feeling like expressing yourself through painting whilst enjoying a combination of mellow music and a cup of coffee? Then art jamming is for you, my friend! Musé Garden is a quaint secret cafe in the heart of the city that can become a personal studio for you and your friends.


Musé Garden provides you all the tools you would need to create your next work of art: paint, canvas, paint brushes, apron, and 3 hours of relaxing music. All you have to do is show up!


It’s $150-200 a session, and you can even upgrade your canvas to a tote bag for only $30.

More details for your next art jamming session can be found here:

Friday: Karaoke at Neway CEO


Best for: Visiting Family and Friends

When was the last time you sang Wonderwall in the shower? Like many Asian regions, Hong Kong has a passionate love affair with Karaoke. While there are a few ways to sing karaoke, one of our favorite ways is to book a room and fill the song list with classic 80’s and 90’s hits (with some tolerable 00’s songs, I guess).


There are two main karaoke room companies, Neway and Red Mr. While both will be sufficient for a fun-tastic night, our current favorite is the Neway CEO branch in Causeway Bay. If you arrive early enough, you can even enjoy their buffet!


Who’s in for a good night of food, drinks, and deceptively great renditions of Take On Me?

Check out Neway’s website:

Saturday: Board Games at Jolly Thinkers


Best for: Nerding Out with the Squad

Come inside one of the two Jolly Thinkers cafes (in Wanchai and Prince Edward) and select a board game from their large selection. Feel like a strategic game of Settlers of Catan? Or making silly drawings with Telestrations? How about being a terrible person with Cards Against Humanity with your friends? Take your pick and just play.

One of the best things about Jolly Thinkers is there is always someone there to help explain a game you might not be familiar with. They also provide a decent selection of food and non-alcoholic beverages. You can easily lose 3 hours at this cafe.

Find out more about your next nerd out sesh:

Sunday: Brunch at La Vache


Best for: A Weekend Disco Party

This might be a bit cheating because La Disco Brunch at La Vache only happens once a month, and you would need to book in advance. But the free-flow brunch served with unlimited USDA prime rib-eye steak and delicious fries is worth the wait! 

There are two brunch sittings: 12-2pm ($688) and 2:30-4:30pm ($588). The next disco dance brunch party happens on the first Sunday of the month.


Book here while there's slots available:


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