Top Hong Kong Activities


LetsGO Hiking

Top Choice: Dragons Back

Team up with fellow adventurers or nature lovers to get off the beaten track and tackle one of Hong Kong’s many stunning hiking trails.

“I’m an outdoorsy person and always looking for an excuse to get out of the city. I’ve broadcast a couple of times and met some fun and rather fit fellow hikers” - Sara S


LetsGO Boardgames

Top Choice: Jolly Thinkers

Are you a backgammon master, scrabble ace or a Monopoly property mogul? Pit your skills against others and avoid the hustle and bustle of a night on the town

"I joined a board game activity last week and learnt to play a couple of new games. We went to a café specifically for boardgames, how cool! I didn’t even know that existed in HK!” - Mandy W


LetsGO Sightseeing

Top Choice: The Big Buddah

Do you know the history of Tai Kwun? Explore the hidden sights of Hong Kong with a local or a visitor

"I love to travel alone but it’s great to meet up with people to go sightseeing when in a new city. I was very lucky to have a local Hong Konger join me when I broadcast. He loves to show people around his city!” - Klara E


LetsGO Bar Scene

Top Choice: Ned Kelly's Jazz Bar

Fancy after work drinks but your friends are all too tired? Don’t let that stop you! Quench that thirst and make new friends at the same time

“ I haven’t been in Hong Kong that long and as I am a shiftworker I find it hard to find people that are up for a few drinks at the times that I’m free. I have been to a few bar activities now through this app and have met some pretty cool people, looking forward to the next night out! - Lance H


LetsGO Beach BBQ

Top Choice: Shek O

Summertime means sun, beach and socialising in the great outdoors. Pull a group together and hit the beach for a BBQ

“ it’s super hard to get my friends to have a beach barbecue with me because the beaches are so far away. So glad LetsGO helps me find people who want to enjoy a chill barbecue near the water and I don’t have to wait till my friend’s schedules align” - Yuki C


LetsGO Sports

Top Choice: 5-a-Side Soccer

You’re 2 players short for that Saturday afternoon 5 aside game but it’s no problem. Make a broadcast to recruit extra people... you never know, you may discover the next Ronaldo!

“I organise a rugby game each week and getting a full squad has been difficult sometimes however having tried this app a few times i’ve managed to fill the numbers and find some pretty handy players” - Matty W


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