Coffee in Hong Kong

When you think of a hot beverage in Hong Kong, you might lean towards some type of oriental, oolong or green tea, right? Wrong! Hong Kong is all about that fine roasted bean. Coffee and everything surrounding it, is a very big deal.

So… what does coffee mean to you? Maybe it’s the fuel to get you up and going in the morning, perhaps a necessity to take a break and leave your busy office desk, or how about a very legitimate reason to gather with friends and share the latest news and gossip. Whatever your reason, the 852 is buzzing with places to get your daily fix.

With so many options, you don’t need to sip that cup of joe alone! En route to work, you have the opportunity of a standard (yet acceptable) takeaway from our trusted 7/11 stores. Then of course, there are the well-know franchise shops like Starbucks, Pret a Manger, Pacific Coffee or even McCafé. But it’s those little hidden cafes and corner coffee shops that make the best coffee pit stops to visit. 

Hong Kong offers its coffeeholics a wide range of coffee-based activities too: educational classes where one can learn about origin, balance and blend; coffee cupping (tasting), blend creation, milk frothing techniques, latte art classes and even professional barista courses. With such a variety of activities to choose from and attend, you are sure to up your coffee-skills and increase your social circle. 

LetsGO can be used as a platform to help you discover new coffee shops, meet new people and make new friends by simply joining a coffee-based activity or event. Want to try out a latte art class but don’t want to do it alone? Broadcast your “Coffee” event and enjoy sharing your love of coffee with someone else. 


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