What is the purpose of LetsGO?

LetsGO is an app that aims to help you connect with like-minded people while doing activities that you enjoy. Feel like art jamming, hiking or going for a run - but don’t want to do it alone? LetsGO will help you to meet people in your surrounding area instantly and easily. 

LetsGO is a location-based app that uses your location in order for you to enjoy full use of the app. Allowing your location helps you to receive Invites within your area. Discover is also a location-based feature, which allows you to see all activities around you. For example hiking, coffee and other social activities. 

Why do I have to allow my location when using LetsGO?

During signup, we require your information for many different reason. For example, we need to know your age in order to confirm that you are over 18 years. Some information is optional and some is mandatory. You also have the option to hide some of your information like your age. Our aim is to best connect you to people that have similar interests. 

What information is required during the signup process for LetsGO?

Yes, a profile picture is required as this will validate your profile, as well as help you connect with people. You can use your Facebook profile picture or you can select one from your gallery on your mobile phone. 

Is a profile picture required?

Travel Radius is the distance that you are willing to travel to an activity. For example, if you are interested in hiking and you selected a travel radius of 50 kilometres; you will receive all hiking invites within a 50 kilometres. 

When setting up my profile, what is meant by Travel Radius?

You can select as many activities as you like. The more activities you select, the more invites you will receive which gives you a broader range of options. Have a look at our Recommended Activities to find new and popular activities in your area. 

How many Activities can I select when setting up my profile?

You can send us a suggestion for an activity that is not listed and we will take it into consideration to add. To find the Suggest Activity function, navigate to PROFILE > EXPAND ACTIVITIES > SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.

What if the activity that I want to do is not listed?

How do I know what the latest or newest invites are if I have a few notifications?

All the latest or newest invites will have a bold green boarder around the invite card. Once you have viewed the invite, it will be sorted by date and time. 

How do I delete an activity in my invites?

To delete an invite card / chat card / completed chats card, simply swipe left on the card to expose the option to delete it. However, if you delete an invite card, the activity icon will still remain on your Discover page incase you want to join it at a later stage. 

Are there videos to explain how the app works in more detail?

Yes! If you navigate to PROFILE > SETTINGS > EXPLAINER VIDEO, it will direct you to our YouTube page. You will also notice a REPLAY TUTORIAL option in settings to replay the home screen tutorial.

During chats in the exclusive chatroom, can you remove a user?

Yes you can. If you are the “host” of the activity, you have the option to remove a user if he or she displays offensive behaviour of any kind. However, anyone in the exclusive chatroom has the option report a user. Do this by navigating to MY CHATS > ACTIVITY CHAT CARD > MORE ICON (top right corner) > REMOVE / REPORT USER.

Once the activity is complete, can I find the chat again?

Once the activity has been completed, the chat will move from the “current” to “completed” tab. In the “completed” tab, you will see all past activities that you have attended and completed. You can access the chat history here. If you wish to delete any activities, simply swipe left on the activity to expose the delete option. 

How do I delete a Broadcast?

If you have a change of plan, navigate to BROADCAST and you will see a red delete icon on your Broadcast you wish to delete. 

Can I edit a broadcast / add people / change the time of the activity?

Yes you can! Simply navigate to MY CHATS > select the ACTIVITY CHAT CARD > MORE ICON (top right corner) > EDIT ACTIVITY.​

How can I delete my account?

If you feel the need to delete your account, you can do so by contacting us. Navigate to PROFILE > SETTINGS > CONTACT US and request that your account to be deleted. 

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