Top Destinations for Hiking in Hong Kong

Trying to find the perfect hiking trail for your next meetup?  Hiking is a very popular and social thing to do in Hong Kong. The city is surrounded by lush, mountainous terrain so you are always a few minutes away from an amazing trail.


Whether you want to tackle your upcoming hike with a partner, in a meetup group or hiking club, your next LetsGO crew are sure to have an unforgettable experience on any of these trails.


With so many great trails to choose from, it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming! 

Here are a few of the people’s favorites:

The Beach One - Dragon's Back

Difficulty - 4/10


Dragon's Back is one of the city’s most popular hikes, and it’s easy to see why. It follows the ridgeline of a mountain range almost as if you were trekking across... wait for it... a Dragons Back! City skyline views to one side, and lush suburban vistas on the other.


The ridge has a few ups and downs, but they’re not much to worry about. A basic level of fitness will see you through to the end of this hiking trail. Trust us, you will be well-rewarded for your efforts – at the end of the hike, you’ll find yourself in Shek O beach, which is arguably Hong Kong’s most pristine beach.

The Steep One- Cable Car Hike

Difficulty - 8/10


Want to visit the famous Big Buddha, but don’t like cable cars or long queues? Easy, just hike there instead! Okay, well actually, it’s not easy at all. Its status as a main event for the pastime could make it one of the most challenging hiking trails in Hong Kong.


This trail kind of feels like the Jekyll and Hyde of hikes. The first 30% of the hike is a brutal, endless flow of steps, steps and more steps. If you can make it to the first cable car pylon then the hard part is over. Moving forward, it’s a steady flow of ups and downs as you make your journey up to the Big Buddha.


At times you may begrudge the cheerful passengers in the cable cars passing overhead, but when you arrive you will find the sight of the Big Buddha a hundred times more rewarding!

The Blockbuster One - Lion's Rock

Difficulty - 6/10


If you ever search “Hong Kong hike” into Google images, you’ll find images from Lions Rock that are likely to appear.


The hike is relatively short, but it comprises many steps which makes it a bit of a challenge. At the end of the hike, you’ll be sitting atop a mountain peak that looks out over the metropolis that is Hong Kong.


Be sure to bring your selfie stick, and be wary of everyone else’s!

The Highest One - Lantau Peak

Difficulty - 7/10


Want to find the highest possible point for hiking in Hong Kong? Then Lantau Peak is the hike you should aim for. Although Tai Mo Shan is Hong Kong’s highest mountain, due to the peak being covered in radio antennas you are not able to reach the very top – and that’s how Lantau Peak steals the crown!

The hike starts from a bus stop 200m up the mountain, meaning you get a head start. The hike up the mountain is a gradual climb so it’s not as difficult as you would expect. When you reach the top, on a good day, you will be able to see all of the territories of Hong Kong.


Hopefully, this read has filled you with some inspiration and has your feet itching to get out and hit the trails! All you need to do now is Broadcast “Hiking” on LetsGO and experience these magnificent tracks by attending a meetup with a group of fellow LetsGO users, right here in HK.