With our customisable app you can bring people together instantly.

Users can broadcast their own events or join in with ones you create.
By setting their preferences they will only get invited to events that are relevant to them.

LetsGO Exclusive can be tailored to suit your specific business needs –
tell us how you work, and we can work for you.

In Discover everyone can see instantly what’s happening throughout your organisation by browsing the live map. Once users have joined an event they have a dedicated chat area where they can make plans, or just get to know each other!

In addition to the live map,  you can track all the activity on your LetsGO dashboard, updated instantly 24/7

Of course we don’t just provide you with an amazing app!


As part of our LetsGO Exclusive experience we will provide you with:

A tailored reporting platform designed to your specific KPIs.

1-1 Sessions with our experienced launch specialist to get you off to a great start.

A full high resolution image package to use on social media, emails, printed flyers, or what ever works for you!

Monthly reviews with the team – if your business changes, we will change with you.

"I’ve been asking for something like this for ages – I think it’s excellent. I’ve always wanted to know what Area Managers other than my own are doing – now I have all the info.  I now know where to go to build my business: I’ve booked up 2 months in my diary already."

~ Kelly Unsworth | Avon Independent Sales Leader

Contact us to discuss your business needs –  
we think you will be surprised at how affordable our app can be!

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