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Like any major cosmopolitan and/or international city, Hong Kong has an eclectic and diverse nightlife that has something for everyone. Its geographical location in Asia combined with its English colonial past gives it a unique blend of cultural influences that are guaranteed to give any group a fun-filled night out.

Given that Hong Kong is such a hub for western companies operating in Asia, the city has a large expat population that appreciates a night out with friends, old and new, to celebrate events or blow off steam after a stressful day at work. Combined with this, the local ‘Hongkies’ are some of the most socially energetic people in Asia and would prefer a night out to a night in at home. 

Hong Kong is such a densely packed city with so much nightlife that it can be intimidating at first. However, there is no shortage of people that are keen to make a new friend or acquaintance to socialize and share the magic of this wonderful city.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect bar-hopping and pub-crawl-worthy destinations in the city, then look no further: Here are some of LetsGO’s top picks for nightlife social group activities in Hong Kong.


Bar Scene

The Globe - Soho

Whilst the choice of bars on the scene in Hong Kong is endless and difficult to nail down; one, in particular, The Globe, stands out as an old favorite for chilled out social events. It is known for a relaxed vibe, countless TV screens broadcasting different sports, as well as the huge range of draft beers that include a large number of local types. The Globe is the perfect place to drop in with friends after work or to kick off the weekend on a Friday afternoon with many alternative drinking and dining options a stone’s throw away.



Cé La Vi - Lan Kwai Fong

There are all types of nightclubs in Hong Kong that cater to any age group, ranging from the more casual to the exclusive high-end type where people dress to impress. This venue is situated on a rooftop in the heart of the party district, boasting fantastic views  of the city as well as a vibrant, usually very busy nightclub with some of the city’s best  DJs. It certainly draws a very attractive crowd but still has a very friendly and welcoming vibe where you can spend hours dancing the night away.


Jazz Bar

Ned Kelly’s Last Stand - Tsim Sha Tsui

This bar is an institution on the scene in HK– it claims to be the city’s longest continuously open  bar, having opened in the early 1970s. On first impressions, it seems like a rundown Australian  themed bar that needs a makeover. However, once the house band hits the stage, all that is forgotten as the music eclipses your senses. It’s not your sometimes-pretentious contemporary jazz; think more 1930s standards that take on a new sound with the host of guest musicians that come through. This nightlife hub is a must-see for music lovers and draws a very international and diverse group.


Live Music

The Wanch - Wanchai 

While you can find quality cover bands in most of the bars in Hong Kong that play any song you can think of; this venue is the place to go to see the local talent up close and personal. The Wanch has been around for years but never fails to deliver in terms of showcasing and supporting local music. Bring an open mind and some earplugs!



Wooloomooloo - Wan Chai

Don’t worry if you can’t pronounce the name – most people can’t! Nonetheless, that is not the most memorable thing about this restaurant cum bar. Situated on a high-rise rooftop in Wan Chai facing Victoria Harbor, the view is stunning and only gets better as the sun goes down and the lights come on. This steak restaurant specializes in premium Australian beef, also showcasing a huge list of drinks and cocktails that has something for everyone. 


Horse Racing

Happy Valley Race Course

he horse races, which are held every Wednesday night, is an activity that anyone who lives in Hong Kong or visits the city must take some time to check out. Whether you are a  horse racing fanatic, gambling tragic or just fancy a night out under the lights with a crowd of rowdy punters, then this is the place to do it. One of the best venues to watch horse racing in the world!


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