• LetsGO

April Update - New Features!!

LetsGO has been out on the App Store for 2 months now, and we have been busy! 

Our user base is constantly growing and it is amazing to see our users active on the app. We are so grateful to all those who have been providing us with valuable feedback. 

Thank you for all of your input. 

Users have been taking advantage of the “Suggest An Activity” feature. Rest assured, we have been listening! Horse Races, Sports Bar and Pilates are examples of just a few we have added since launch.

On the development side, our highly skilled team of developers have been seeking out and squashing some bugs. Eagle eyed users will have also noticed our first big update was released yesterday. Here are some of the features you can now make use of:

ADD NOTES TO YOUR BROADCAST You can now personalise your activity broadcast by adding a few notes with some additional or important information about your activity.

EDIT YOUR BROADCASTED ACTIVITY Plans can change! We now let you edit the details of an activity, after it has been broadcast.

HIDE AGE You now have the option to hide your age from other users. Go to Edit Profile if you want to take advantage of this.