Ideal Sightseeing Activities for Groups in Hong Kong

Are you passing through the city, wanting to explore, but don’t want to tackle it alone? No problem, LetsGO has your back! Download the App, broadcast Sight Seeing and accept other like-minded people to join you. Done? Okay great! Now be sure to do the following...

City Skyline

The Hong Kong skyline is one of the most iconic in the world, and what makes it so unique are the perfect sites available to view it from. In most of the world’s great cities you can’t see the city skyline because, well, your normally on it! But not here in Hong Kong - simply jump on the Star Ferry (an attraction in its own right) across the bay and turn around to see the Metropolis staring back at you. Whether day time, night time, sunny days or misty days; every time you’ll experience a new atmosphere and experience the awe once again.


Convenient, environmentally friendly and a novel experience to boot, Hong Kong’s double-decker tram network proves one of the top-rated sightseeing activities for tourists and residents alike. In operation since the early 20th Century, these trams are perfect for new arrivals seeking the ideal way to get to know Hong Kong. There’s even a dedicated antique-style tramcar just for sightseeing, giving tourists an introduction to all the must-see attractions. If you’re brand-new to the city, we highly recommend finding a meetup group to get acquainted with HK atop a picturesque tram! 

Nan Lian Garden & Chi Lin Nunnery 

Had enough of the city’s chaos? Then pop on over to these tranquil gardens. The traditional gardens are still surrounded by the city, but rest assured, you are sure to find peace and quiet here! After a stroll around the ponds and pagodas, head on over to the nunnery. This beautiful old building will transport you back to a time when Hong Kong moved at a much slower pace!

Temple Street Markets

Let’s get you back to the action again – Temple Street Market! When the sun goes down this place truly comes to life. It’s crowded, loud, bright and everything you could want from a night market! If you are sightseeing as a tourist, this attraction is where you want to get your gifts for loved ones back home and pick up a good deal or two for yourself! After an hour or so of walking around the market and working up an appetite, you can sit down to enjoy some local beer and cuisine as this street is lined with great, cheap food!


After your day and night of exploring the city with the friends you made through your LetsGO group, it’s time to bid farewell and relish the memories formed from your busy day in Hong Kong!


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