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Whether you want a 5-a-side game or just want to kick a ball around with a few friends; Hong Kong has very well-maintained soccer pitches all over the city which are easy to book. Soccer has become one of the top sports for the public to play and a great way to meet new friends. Getting involved in the community by playing a game of soccer is now made even easier by using LetsGO. 


Basketball is the fastest growing sport amongst the youth of Hong Kong. While walking around the city, it’s unlikely that you’ll find an empty basketball court. What is likely though, is seeing a busy court with shuffling, sneakers squeaking and the shooting of hoops which makes a thrilling spectacle for all bystanders and passersby. Most parks and fitness centers are full of people playing this sport. It is a social event and people that are interested in the game are always welcome to join in. 

Trail Running

Hong Kong has some of the best hiking trails in the world. While you’re up on the green hills and overlooking the city; it is a strange but unforgettable feeling. With great hiking trails make easily accessible to the public, Trail Running is definitely on the rise. You are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a trail to run. Choose from Dragon’s Back, Lions Rock or some trail in Lantau to attempt and conquer.



Something is inherently fascinating about playing a singles or doubles game of tennis in the middle of a concrete jungle like Hong Kong. Tennis courts are very easy to book as well as affordable. Booking a tennis court and equipment can be done online and within minutes. If you feel like you would like to improve your backhand shot but need a buddy to practice with, simply use LetsGO to find a tennis partner and improve your game.



There is a definite element on Zen in doing a tree pose in the middle of a busy city. Yoga and Pilates are both very popular among males and females of all ages. Hong Kong is unique with many small studios and parks around the city, which instructors utilize to give classes. All you have to do is find and join an avid yogi in a class and you’ll be hooked! This quest can be made easier by using LetsGO to find and attend Yoga or Pilates classes


We hope this page has added fuel to your fire to discover the perfect fitness-focused sports activities for your next social event or LetsGO group meetup in HK!


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