Trying to Find a Yoga or Pilates Meetup Group in Hong Kong? 

Living in HK calls for some sort of escape from the hustle and bustle of city life from time to time! But finding the time and place can be somewhat challenging. Ever think of trying Yoga? It’s such a simple and ideal way to completely relax your mind and soul; while at the same time offering physical benefits. Don’t know what “downward facing dog” is and can’t touch your toes? That’s okay – yogis don’t judge!

Hong Kong offers so many options if you need to find places to practice Yoga. While the most obvious would be to join a gym, one can find Yoga studios of all calibers around the city. These studios offer both group classes and private one-on-one sessions ranging from novice newbie to expert level. One can attend classes at random, purchase a package or become a member.


Perhaps mat-based yoga sounds like too much of a snooze… try the new craze of aerial, bamboo or stand up paddle (SUP) yoga instead as these are more challenging and will certainly raise your BPM! No time for formal or paid classes? Join some open-air Yoga meetups instead which are free or work on a pay what you want basis. Popular to try in the 852 are “Yoga by Ben” or “HK Outdoor Yoga” founded by Jane Hagen.


Yoga is definitely on the rise amongst both men and women, as well as the young and old. It focuses on general wellbeing through physical, mental and spiritual principles, which works for everyone. No matter your preferred style of yoga, there is just something about it that makes you feel like you can conquer the day or week. In addition to that, it’s also so rewarding when you eventually do reach your toes!


More about Pilates

Named after its creator Joseph Pilates, this popular body conditioning practice unites mind and body to refresh and energize. Notorious for its focus on abs, Pilates has a reputation as being the preferred exercise of supermodels. With numerous studios and meetups throughout the city, there’s a range of amazing places you can get your stretch on – or you can find meetup groups to refine your routine wherever you like across HK!


Need to “woosah” or want to post a Zen-looking tree pose picture overlooking the city on Insta? Use LetsGO to either Broadcast your next Yoga or Pilates activity to organize your meetup group, or simply join someone through Discover who has already posted an event.


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